Secure Data Entry

Data Security

Secure Data EntryWhen it comes to your business’s private documents, it makes sense to leave the hard work of secure data entry to a company that cares about keeping private and confidential information safe. Nothing ever leaves our servers.

Secure Data Entry Practices

Data Security: Our data entry contractors perform the bulk of our keying and/or text verification from a scanned image over a private network. We use a thin client model, which means that all work is done on the central servers; this is also where all images, data, and processing remain. Data entry operators do not have the access to hard copy documents, and cannot print or download images or data.

Privacy: As an added measure of protection, when privacy requirements demand it, we can “split” the image and have different parts of the document keyed by different data entry operators. This means that a single data entry operator would never have access to an entire document. Instead, we divvy the work up amongst several operators. This is a complex process, requiring additional programming, and is employed in only a few rare circumstances.

Confidentiality: Each of our data entry contractors works independently from a remote location. This means that they typically do not know each other, and do not have the ability to communicate or exchange information. For you and other clients, this offers more secure data entry than can be attained when operators work next to each other in a centralized data center.

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