Data Entry Cost

Focus on ChalkboardIn business since 1996, the many different types of projects we have worked on have proven there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” and no quick answer to what it will cost to work on your project. Cost is a very important consideration in your selection of a data entry company, and the more information you are able to provide us the more reliable will be the quote you receive.

We typically charge a flat fee per data record, which is generally comprised of all the fields identified by the client as representing a complete, identifiable (and billable) string of information. It could be a document, a line item on a document, a website entry; whatever makes the most sense to provide a logical basis for billing.

Fees for data entry services are driven by cost, principally the labor cost of the data entry operators (all U.S.) and the project managers who train the operators, schedule and monitor their work, and interface with the customer regarding goals, deadlines, and processing issues.

To estimate cost, the project manager will gain an understanding of the work, the source document, business rules, and customer requirements regarding workflow, turnaround time, and requirements to control accuracy.

For the majority of our data entry projects, fees have ranged from $0.25 (25 cents) to $2.00 per data record; however, fees have been as high as $22 for a complex document, and as low as 10 cents per record.

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