Axion Data Entry Services Meeting the challenges in Data Entry and Forms Processing

Data Entry Project Turnaround

For large, ongoing projects, we are able to structure our staffing and work flow to accommodate a variety of turnaround scenarios. Depending on your requirements, we can transmit completed work to you daily, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), or weekly.

Typical turnaround times range from 48 hours to one-week; however, for projects involving highly time-sensitive documents we currently achieve an average turnaround time of 3 hours.

We welcome short duration one-time projects, but due to project set-up requirements, including programming, staffing and training (if necessary), turnaround times will be considerably longer.

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Other possible areas of interest:

Data Security
To address the ever-increasing requirements for data and document security demanded by our clients, Axion has established  a number of security protocols  Learn more about Axion's data entry security measures.

Data Quality
Making sure the data entered for each and every project is accurate and complete is Axion's top priority. Re-key verification and field validation are just two examples which Axion uses in maintaining quality in data entry. Find out more about Axion's data quality.


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