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If working as an independent contractor for Axion sounds interesting and you meet the required minimum skills, please submit the information below. We will enter your name in our database for future projects.

Many people have registered in our database. In order to restrict that to a manageable number, and to insure only interested, qualified people register, there is a small administrative fee of $5 to add and maintain your information for a period of 60 days (or you can choose 120 days for $7 or 1 year for $10). Your information will be deleted at the expiration of the term you select.


DISCLAIMER: There are currently no openings for data entry operators; however, that can change as we get new clients.  Our business is very cyclical, and there is no guarantee you will ever be contacted; nevertheless, you may choose to register with us for future consideration. By clicking on the Submit button, you acknowledge you have read and understand this disclaimer.


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