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Data Entry Contractor Requirements

As an independent contractor, it is expected you will NOT require any instruction regarding the basic use of your computer. As a MINIMUM, you and your staff must know how to do the following:

  • Use Windows Explorer, including: create new folders; copy, move, rename and delete files and folders; and minimize, maximize and restore a window
  • Install and run new software on your computer
  • Remove software from your computer
  • Send and receive e-mail, including attachments
  • Use the Internet

These are base, minimum skills. Please do NOT submit your name to us unless you can do ALL of these tasks comfortably. We have absolutely NO tolerance in this area and will discontinue using your services if we determine you do not possess these minimum skills.

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In addition to the above, you must be able to accurately and efficiently use the computer to enter data into programs developed for specific projects. You will be judged not only on accuracy, but also on how well you follow instructions.

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System Requirements

You must have your own computer equipment -- either a Windows or Mac system is acceptable, as long as it has a current operating system (one that is still supported by the the operating system provider -- Microsoft, Apple, etc.)..  You will be connecting to our network over the Internet using a browse, and will be required to download and install free software from Citrix.

Internet Connection

Because much of our work will require contractors to perform data entry over the Internet, all contractors are required to have a high speed broadband connection provided by a major cable or satellite provider..

Voice Mail/Answering Machine

On some projects, we speak with our contractors daily, so you must have either a telephone answering machine or voice mail for those times when we are unable to reach you by phone.

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Clean Criminal Background

In order to address the security requirements of our clients, each applicant must sign a release permitting us to perform a criminal background investigation, the results of which may in whole or in part determine your suitability as a contractor for Axion. You will not be asked to sign a release until we contact you directly.

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If you have met all the criteria and are ready to register, click here.

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