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Instant Address Correction & Verification

Axion Data Services has integrated CorrectAddress® into its data entry process. CorrectAddress®, provided by Intelligent Search Technology, Ltd., is US CASS Certified software that validates and corrects address information keyed by Axion’s data entry operators by reference to the national USPS address database updated monthly. In addition, CorrectAddress® standardizes all address information to meet USPS requirements for CASS certification and provides all data needed to take advantage of available postal discounts. 

Unlike other postal systems that merely check that an address is within a range of deliverable addresses, CorrectAddress® incorporates Delivery Point Validation (DPV) which is capable of confirming over 145 million physical mail delivery points across the United States and its territories. The DPV component also recognizes when the address belongs to a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) and provides additional information to indicate match quality.  DPV confirms valid deliverable addresses while identifying any issues that can result in delivery problems. Correcting these issues reduces the amount of undeliverable mail and saves time and money. The USPS estimates that at least 7% of bulk mailings are returned as ‘Undeliverable-as-Addressed’.

Features include:

  • Address Validation using DPV (see above)
  • Address Standardization
  • ZIP Correction and ZIP+4 Code Appending
  • Provides Line of Travel (LOT) Coding
  • Delivery Point Bar Coding
  • Distinguishes Residential and Business Addresses
  • Provides Carrier Route Codes and Carrier

Unlike other firms that "standardize" addresses using a batch process, Axion's system checks each address, one-at-a-time, as soon as it is entered, against the current USPS database. CorrectAddress® works silently in the background to verify, reformat, and make corrections if required. If the address cannot be validated or fixed, the data entry operator is instantly notified to re-check their work for typographical errors. This approach generally results in fixing 3-4 addresses per 100 that would not have been corrected using a traditional batch approach.

This no-cost option provided by Axion assures you of getting the most accurate, up-to-date address information.

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