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Factors Affecting Cost

Want to know what factors are taken into consideration whenever a data entry project is being priced? Read our paper:
Factors Affecting Data Entry Cost


Save $$$

Proper data entry form design can save you money! Learn the finer points of data entry form design by reading our paper:
Tips for Data Entry Form Design

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Clients & Projects
Our clients have included many organizations throughout the US involving many different types of projects.  No two are exactly the same and we work hard to develop a custom solution to meet each client's requirements. Find out more about Axion's  client projects..



Data SecurityTo address the ever-increasing requirements for data and document security demanded by our clients, Axion has established  a number of security protocols  Learn more about Axion's data entry security measures.



Data Quality
Making sure the data entered for each and every project is accurate and complete is Axion's top priority. Re-key verification and field validation are just two examples which Axion uses in maintaining quality in data entry. Find out more about Axion's data quality.